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Terminology, Contingency / Retained
» Terminology, Contingency / Retained
  • Our Points of Difference

    We are professional consultants, and we manage expectations professionally. If a candidate profile is unrealistically demanding, we will let our clients know what is possible and – equally important – what is not.

    Our premise is that by retaining us for the Executive Search process, our clients are making a strategic investment in their business, rather than incurring an unwanted cost for a tactical response to a short-term need.

    Our research is rigorous, systematic and disciplined. The key output deliverable - thorough market-mapping - represents a strategic competitive advantage to our clients.

    Our focus is Asia-Pacific. Although our systems, disciplines and practices are of the highest international standards, our operations – regional headquarters, knowledge base and expertise – are Asia-Pacific focused. We have a regional overhead structure that means we can devote more resources – people, technology and time – to our clients than our global competitors.


    Contingent, Contingency / Retain, Retained, Retainer
    Recruitment / Staffing / Executive Search Agency / Contingency Agency
    Advantages-Disadvantages Contingency vs. Retained

  • Contingent (Adjective)

    1. Possible but not certain to occur; incidental; chance.
    2. Dependent on something that is undetermined or unknown.
        The success of his undertaking is contingent upon events that he cannot control

  • Contingency (Noun, singular)

    3. The quality of being contingent; unpredictability.
    4. A possibility; something that may or may not happen.

  • To retain (verb, transitive)

    5. To hold secure.
    6. To keep in possession or use.

  • Client

    A corporation than need to recruit

  • Supplier

    A consultancy specialized in Recruitment and Executive search

  • Recruitment

    Action to hire, all level of staff, workers, office employees, Middle Management Executive and Senior Management Executives

  • Staffing

    Recruiting workers and office employees, without management responsibilities

  • Executive Search agency

    Consultancy specialized in recruiting Executive and Management positions (Middle management / Senior management)

  • Contingency

    Consultancy working with non-exclusive contracts, in competition with other agencies for an position

  • Retainer

    Money paid by the client to obtain a commitment from the supplier to handle the client’s case.

  • Retained agency

    Consultancy working with Retained Contracts (and exclusive contracts)

  • Disadvantages of Contingent

    > Only present active candidates
    > Active candidates represent 10% of the market
    > CVs sent immediately after requirement opens then dry up
    > Agencies candidate focused, represent candidates to several clients

  • Disadvantages of Active Candidates

    > Difficult to close
    > Bidding war can result in an inflated financial package offered

  • Advantages of Executive Search

    > China is a candidate driven market
    > Recruitment partner, defending client’s interests
    > Understand business and department which enables us to sell the opportunity better
    > Rarely represent active candidates unless high caliber and highly motivated by your opportunity
    > Headhunt all candidates
    > Cover 75%> of market
    > Provide 3-5 shortlisted candidates in 6 weeks