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Life sciences companies today are coping with ever-changing trends, including funding and managing the long development cycle for products, responding to the rising demands of emerging countries and balancing the needs of the world’s changing demographics.

Consultants within our Life Sciences Market have access to Acropolis’s global network, including offices and selected partners in the strategic markets of China, Singapore, North America and Europe. When combined with their extensive contacts in such specialties as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer health and life sciences contract services, our global reach and industry knowledge allows us to identify the right executive for your needs.

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Our Specialization

We strictly focus in helping companies in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and Healthcare industries.

We concentrate our recruiting activities in the functional areas involved with the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs/therapeutic treatments and devices.

What you do get from Acropolis BioPharma Recruitment

  • Knowledge:

    We understand the Pharmaceutical | Biotechnology industries and the positions involved with the discovery, development and commercialization of drugs/therapeutic treatments.

  • Contacts:

    We have extensive client and candidate contacts at all levels.

We specialize in Life Sciences:
  • We specialize on SENIOR positions and Middle-Management recruitments.

    We use same methods, same energy, commitment and professionalism to conduct a search for Middle-Management profiles than Seniors.

  • With our track record of success in both brand and generic pharmaceutical markets worldwide, Acropolis’s specialists offer clients both outstanding executive recruiting services and a suite of talent management solutions that includes candidate assessment and leadership development.
  • Drugs
  • Prescription Drug Products
  • Non-prescription, OTC Products
  • Excipients & auxiliary materials
  • Packaging materials and containers
  • APIs
  • Reagents
  • Biological products & vaccines
  • As the use of medical devices increases, this sector continues to expand. As a significant provider of talent management solutions to both start-up and established medical devices companies, Acropolis has the global capabilities and industry insight to identify and recruit experienced senior leaders in this field.
  • Class I Medical devices
  • Class II Medical devices
  • Class III Medical devices
  • Combination Medical Device/Drug
  • We see Consumer Health as an area of significant convergence of technology, sectors and new competitors. On-demand consumer health solutions and services will drive the entire industry. Acropolis leverages its suite of integrated solutions to deliver a globally oriented consumer health practice that will enable our clients to gain competitive advantage through superior human capital talent.
  • The global animal health market has shown consistent growth over the past several years and is expected to be influenced by significant market forces. Global markets are placing increasing emphasis on reliable and adequate supply of low-cost, safe food products, including animal products. This dynamic is expected to fuel the global quest for new technologies to improve production efficiency. The growing demand for organic, hormone-free, antibiotic free animal products is likely to continue, even though the current economic downturn may slow this demand in the short term. As pressure mounts to reduce antibiotic use, the market for nutraceuticals is likely to see growth.
  • Whether it is a part of a globalization strategy or market entry into China, China’s CRO industry is poised to claim its place in this global industry.
    According to experts, the International Contract Research Organization (CRO) industry in China as a whole is still young and fragmented, but they anticipate a quick ramp up toward standardization and global competitiveness. Within two to five years, the Chinese CRO industry will offer serious competition to other Asian countries such as India. The Chinese domestic pharmaceutical sector is expected to continue double-digit growth for the next decade and become the fifth-largest pharmaceutical market in the world.