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  • Fabien SEBBAH and Nicolas MILONAS co-founded Acropolis-Associates: they first met during a Senior Executive MBA program in New York and Paris. It was the perfect occasion to share their business experience and bring together their professional expertise via a common consulting company. Acropolis-Associates, a US based consulting company, was thus born in 1999.
  • Acropolis: the name is taken from the Acropolis Hill in Athens (also known as the Sacred Rock) built in the 5th century BC as a home of Athena, the patron goddess of the City.
  • International Executive Search, Recruitment, Placement, Education: we assist multinational organizations, small and medium sized enterprises as well as smaller niche companies to attract, recruit and retain outstanding executives and senior managers through our specialist search techniques as well as through our strategic leadership consultancy services.
  • Our staff: is committed to provide its clients with executives, professionals and specialists whose skills will enhance and improve your business performance and profitability. Acropolis, professional recruitment consultancy, is committed to deliver the very best talent to its international clients. We operate from offices covering China and Singapore.
  • For more than 18 years, Acropolis has been devoted in delivering its services to organizations by strengthening management teams and their international staff.
  • We work with all types of corporations, from the smallest SME to the largest MNC.
  • Experience
    Since the creation of the company in 1999, we have a successful track record with corporations.
    In China, we have adapted our methodology to local culture and needs, but our process is strictly the same.
    Step by step we developed our operations in Asia according to our clients needs.
  • Fee levels
    Our rates are, as far as possible, adapted to the hiring budgets of our clients.
    We can define our terms as “fair”, we are flexible, the most important for our clients is not to work with a low cost supplier: clients need effective delivery. We cover a whole range of positions, from Middle Managers to Senior High caliber positions.
  • Specialization per industry
    Specialization is the only solution for an efficient search with a quasi-permanent access to find the best candidates to fill a given role. Attracting the right talent, particularly in a candidate-short (Chinese & Asian) market, requires a thorough network in the industries we work with.
    Our consultants are experts in their respective fields with an extensive knowledge of the Chinese and Asian market.
    There is a limit to specialization: when it leads to consanguinity.
  • Retaining the best candidate
    Our permanent contact with candidates, career advice and coaching ensure our network is up-to-date to attract the best candidates.
  • Database
    Our database of industry professionals is updated on a daily basis.
    We have built our information system to reflect our company vision and to deal with the specific intricacies of recruitment and placement needs.
  • Geographical Areas
    We focus our activities on China, Asia and Oceania.
    We are organized to source our candidates in these areas, in the same way as North America and Europe.
    Focusing per specific area makes it easier and faster to find the most suitable candidate.
  • Adaptability, Availability, Flexibility, Tailor-made solutions
    We strive to constantly adapt to the needs of our customers.
    We believe our consultants availability and service to customers is unmatched in our industry.
    We endeavor to find the most flexible solution adapted to our clients’ needs.
  • Our values are core to our behavior and business strategy.
    They guide our relationships with suppliers, clients and candidates. It is our ambition to be the best at helping employers achieve success through People, and we firmly believe market competition is the best stimulus for achieving such a level of success.
  • Integrity
    We embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal honesty and professional ethics. We do what is right.
  • Respect
    We strive in treating Clients and Candidates with uncompromising fairness and respect.
  • Improve
    We always seek to improve.
  • Responsibility
    We try to fulfill our commitments to both colleagues and clients with utmost excellence and with a clear understanding of the responsibility this entails. We accept personal responsibility.
  • Simplicity
    We try to bring simplicity in the way we handle complex HR issues be it between our customers, candidates or in-house team.